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Turning information into money online can be tricky and it’s something that, as a society, we’re not completely sure we signed up for. The online shopping experience however, we have taken to like ducks to water!

The ability to sell very specific and extremely customisable products and services online, has been a revolution to shoppers and opened up a world of opportunity for sellers of all shapes and sizes.

Whilst it is possible to sell almost anything that has even a small amount of interested customers online (this is what’s known as the long tail); there is a very specific way in which people are used to parting with their money through ecommerce. Certain consistent and recognisable practices, such as security process, symbols and terminology make the ability to direct a customer through the stages of searching, reviewing, comparing, purchasing and tracking their order much more likely to be successful.

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Trust exists in this process primarily through familiarity and we can lend you some expertise to ensure that your ecommerce system is not only a pleasurable user experience but also a reliable and efficient one.

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